Between over 100 attractions and huge green areas and high seasons there is always something to do.

 Karro is always on duty with the staff from the Europa-Park.

After Disneyland Paris, the Europa-Park is the second-best amusement park in Europe with 4,9 million visitors per year. A part from the many attractions and the huge amount of green areas, there is a variety of different tasks for the staff of the gardening department in the Europa-Park.



After a test with our karro we delivered on time another further 6 new barrows for the autuum season - the perfect season for karro. Finally all the green areas have to be prepared, the leaves must disappear and Halloween decoration has to be set up with a lot of pumpkins. Karro is maybe not that spectacular like the latest roller coaster but therefor it makes just as fun to work with through its light weight and its ergonomic. With these arguments we were able to convince the experts from the Europa-Park. Mr. Westphal, the managing director from Fluidform, personally delivered the latest barrows. If he was able to ride a roller coaster stays his secret.