Integra Lahr is a team of gardeners and young grownups with disability and 4 karros.

Whether gardening, landscape preservation, planting new lawns, setting up a high patch or chop wood for the fireplace. No problem - all this work will be done perfectly from the Integra Lahr. And in particular with a good feeling for the customers because one supports people with disability and the engaged employees who lead this terrific project. So it was not a question at all for karro to support this project. That's why we have donated 4 wheelbarrows which not only enthuse at the daily work but also that the great colors bring so much joy to them as we heard. That's why we from karro wanted to see it personally and therefore we have visited them als also met Mrs. Fehrenbach, the honorary manager. We also have given them an order for planting of our company's permises.