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Having come off with flying colors as the rewarded testsieger, karro now also presents new color.






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Karro and its thought-out ergonomics.


The receipt would be issued quickly when doctors or health insurances are able to prescribe a wheelbarrow: the karro! Starting to work with it with back pain and you will realize it without any words. Until then, why you don't try out the advantage of feeling it when you are loading, lifting, pushing and dumping.

» The ergonomic handles releases the wrists and the back
» Light weight and supported roll movement
» Weight: extremely light with approx. 9 kg
» Smooth movement
» Low center for safe control 




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This is what real winners look like. Even then when all competition has long before been correded.


A comprehensive test of wheelbarrows on the consumer portal "" has crowned karro the winner. Learn more here. After the nomination as a garden product of the year at the worlds famous Chelsea Garden Show and other significant awards, we are pleased to announce that karro is excited to now receive your very own personal opinion. All yours!




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karro is shortlisted as finalist for best Garden Product of the year 2015, at the Chelsea Flower Show.


We are delighted by the decision of the worlds most famous garden show and we very much look forward to also being an exhibitor this year from May 19th to May 23rd.




Karro is now available with guarantee and top grade.


5 years guarantee on frame and tray for breaking, excepting abrasive wear.





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A city becomes a garden ...


... from carrots and cabbage, till flying patches and excited children. From roots in the earth and blossoms in the head. karro and the urban gardening project „Elisabethsgarten“ in Düsseldorf.





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