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Further arguments which will not fit on other barrows.

» Total height: 650 mm
» Length: 1.500 mm
» Width: 700 mm
» Wheel diameter: 360 mm
» Tire width: 85 mm
» Frame material: PP GF 50
» Guaranteed UV resistance
» Approved food conformity
» Chemical resistance
» Max. load: 160 kg
» Tray volume: 70 l / 140 l accumulated
» Weight approx.: 9 kg
» Frame and tray consist of synthetic

RRP 189,- Euro incl. VAT



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Karro and its thought-out ergonomics.


The receipt would be issued quickly when doctors or health insurances are able to prescribe a wheelbarrow: the karro! Starting to work with it with back pain and you will realize it without any words. Until then, why you don't try out the advantage of feeling it when you are loading, lifting, pushing and dumping.

» The ergonomic handles releases the wrists and the back
» Light weight and supported roll movement
» Weight: extremely light with approx. 9 kg
» Smooth movement
» Low center for safe control 




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Karro is now available with guarantee and top grade.


5 years guarantee on frame and tray for breaking, excepting abrasive wear.





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It doesn't know any bumps and strong hits, and it can only laugh about rust. That's why there are many commonalities with Chuck Norris. A major difference is that the karro is environmental. Not only because it is long lasting, there are many arguments to give green light:

» High quality, pure-grade and elastic synthetics
» High capacity
» Stable construction
» Dimensional stability of the frame and tray
» 100% recyclable
» Resource preserving production




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Karro and its Lotus effect

The worst work you could have with a barrow is the irritating and exhausting cleaning. While you are struggling with a usual barrow with dried mortar or with mud and rubbish, we left it out on our karro - you can depend on the lotus effect which we applied. It makes sure that karro stays clean or that it is easy to clean with a water hose. Finish! Before you are knackered.

» Lotus effect for easy cleaning and dumping
» Lotus effect is not only applicated on the surface, it is well bonded in the material
» Durability instead of always purchasing a new one because of crusted and rusty barrows



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