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The urban gardening project "Elisabeths Garden". Karro is helping to roll out cliffhanger questions.

Why have so many kind of vegetables dissappeared in the supermarket? Can plants really help each other? How hard is it to provide yourself with vegetables? How much land is needed to supply a town?

The Elisabths Garden can give you exciting answers to those questions and much more. But the best is to go there and to dig, plant and observe by yourself - astonish and harvest. Anyone is invited - whole school classes, you and I or even mothers with their babies, because the Elisabeths Garden is one of the most exciting German urban gardening project and karro is in the middle of this.



Elisabeths Garden is part of the museum of natural history which is located in the castle Benrath, in Düsseldorf. The name of the garden is based on the former lady of the house; electress Elisabeth Augusta, for whom the baroque castle was built for as retreat in 1770. Between 118 high patches where over 50 different historic and regional vegetables are growing. And now there is even more to do. How nice. In the city of Düsseldorf the Elisabeths Garden has got 3 additonal mobile patches.

karro is pleased and proud of being a part of this committed project and to support it.